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Print Art

This gallery displays images that are currently available for print on Aluminum, but if you see any other work on my website or Instagram that you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact me. The suggested minimum print size is 20″ X 30″, but I am open to printing custom sizes. Lets work together to print the right image at the right size for your space.

Metal prints are a unique medium for displaying images. The process involves infusing dye directly into a coated aluminum panel. The end result is a high gloss print that provides the brilliance of photographic paper and the added impact only a metal substrate can provide.

Print Size is approximately 30″ X 45″ (Not to scale)


  • Metal Prints are weatherproof, moisture proof, and scratch resistant but like regular photographs, they can fade so please avoid direct sunlight.
  • Durability without glass; hard and scratch resistant surface that is waterproof and can be cleaned with regular glass cleaner.
  • Vibrant colors, great detail, and high resolution.
  • Available at 20” x 30” or 30”x 45”
  • Aluminum mounting frames
  • Corners are rounded with clean 1/8” radius.
  • Z-Clips provide a fast and secure method for hanging.

An extruded aluminum frame, inset on the back allows for a modern “out of the box” way to hang and display these prints. The frame is inset 2–3” from the edge of print and is ½” in depth. Your images will arrive ready for hanging and display.

20” x 30” – $595 Plus Tax

30” X 45” – $995 PLUS TAX